Published on 26 Nov 2010

Ellen’s Sermon on Pentecost 25

“It is up to each one of us to make the choices which lead towards the vision of Isaiah and away from the current reality of violence, suffering and pain…”

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Published on 15 Nov 2010

Sermon by John Privett, All Saints Sunday

“At the heart of our Christian story is the conviction that God is deeply involved with the whole of creation. From the very beginning all of creation is infused with the energy of God…”

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Published on 04 Nov 2010

Sermon by Ellen Clark-King on All Hallow’s Eve

“The wall between this world and the next may sometimes feel very thin, but it is always too high for any of us to see over. We are all left with the question what lies on the other side….”

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Published on 18 Oct 2010

Sermon on St. Luke – by Peter Elliott

Who could, this past week, fail to be moved by the recovery of the miners in Chile. Millions of people around the world watched their TVs or computer screens as one by one 33 miners were brought up from the depths of earth back to be reunited with their families and communities. That it happened at all is miraculous in a time when too often human life is regarded as expendable…..

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Published on 10 Oct 2010

Sermon on Thanksgiving – by Chris Dierkes

“Thanks is an overriding theme of our worship. Gratitude, graciousness, generosity, these should be primary values brought about by the practice of Eucharistic public worship. Just listen for all the times phrases like giving thanks, thanks, offering thanks shows up in the liturgy. For example….”

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