07 Mar 2012, Posted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver

Earth Teach Me: Music by Rupert Lang

This CD is dedicated to Christ Church Cathedral Parish in thanksgiving for a loving and supportive community. This is a home where we come together through God’s gift of music. This is my home where I am free to be creative, trying new things, while feeling supported by my choir and congregation. This is a home where I am thankful that I can be myself, imperfections and all. This is my spiritual home, where music echoes messages of justice and peace helping bring us closer to God and each other.

This is a community and home like none other. I am truly blessed.
Thank you. Rupert Lang, Organist & Director of Music

Track Information

1. Earth Teach Me

2. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

3. Creator of the Ends of the Earth

4. Bell Mass

5. Kontakion

6. Agneau de Dieu

7. We Sing a Love

8. Come Home

9. Kyrie (Missa Terra Nova)

10. Sanctus (Missa Terra Nova)

11. Lord’s Prayer (Missa Terra Nova)

12. Like a Child

13. How Like an Angel

14. Cantate Domino