07 Oct 2010, Posted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver

Healing Touch Ministry


Healing Touch March 2011Healing Touch is a non invasive form of treatment which is in fact, a form of prayer. Those administering Healing Touch, work in pairs, moving their hands over the body – directly touching or not, according to the wishes of the one receiving treatment. We respond to requests to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, grief, tension and any other human emotion or disability.

There are several levels of skill which are taught in workshops throughout the year. Many of the practitioners are former nurses or physiotherapists. Our group meets once a month to practice on each other and to learn new techniques. Once a year we have a two day retreat where we enhance our skills and re establish ourselves as a team.

We give treatments at the Cathedral, after the 10:30am service the third Sunday of the month. These can be booked ahead of time through the office or participants can come to Room B following the service. Treatments typically last about 20 minutes.

We visit people in hospital, in their homes, or accompany them to treatments such as chemotherapy. Some of us give treatments in our homes. We receive referrals from clergy, members of the congregation, friends and family. Distance healing is also available.  There is no cost and nobody is excluded.

Contact information:

Please contact either:
Kate Walker: katebw123@gmail.com
or call the parish office: 604-682-3848