30 Aug 2010, Posted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver

Serving Within

This page is about the people and the ministries that serve the Cathedral community.  Examples include people who serve during worship, others who volunteer as greeters, and others who connect with parishioners in times of need.  (Please note that this page is being updated throughout September 2010.)

Prayer Link – this is a ministry group composed of parishioners who offer daily prayers  for people who request them and for people added to the parish prayer list.

Healing Touch – this is a ministry group of parishioners who offer Healing Touch (a form of treatment and prayer) to help those dealing with pain, anxiety, depression, grief, tension and any other human emotion or disability.

Healing Prayer –  this is a ministry group that is centered on God’s healing through prayer. This ministry seeks to offer an open and inviting opportunity for personal prayer, reflection and renewal in the context of worship.