Food Ministries

08 Sep 2010, Posted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver

Food Ministries

Food Minstries at Christ Church Cathedral

– Sandwich Makers

– Sandwich Servers

– Maundy Project: Soup & Sandwich Program

Ministry Leaders: Ethyle Lamb, Isabelle Woo & Ann Kowalchuk

Ministry Contacts:

Ethyle Lamb – Maundy Project

Isabelle Woo – Sandwich Servers –

Ann Kowalchuk – Sandwich Makers

What do the Cathedral Food Ministries Do?

This is an outreach service which has been in existence for many years. It is our attempt to reach out to those in our downtown community who for whatever reason find themselves in need of a bowl of hot nourishing soup, a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

All food that we serve is prepared at the Cathedral in accordance to the Government Foodsafe regulations using fresh products ordered from a local deli or wholesaler. These sandwiches are kept in an approved freezer for the following week. Approximately 400 sandwiches are served every week, by 2 servers each day. Coffee/sandwiches are served from the lower entrance on Burrard Street, Monday, Tuesday & Friday.

Soup is prepared Wednesday & Thursday mornings and we serve 30-90 bowls of soup for the Maundy Project.  This project on the first Thursday after Thanksgiving, when the weather is colder & wetter, and our clients are invited into the church hall where they sit at tables and are served with a bowl of hot, nourishing soup plus a sandwich & coffee. Social interaction is an important benefit for this congregation while they are with us.

Baked goods are usually included & much appreciated. These are provided by the volunteers themselves.

This outreach service requires a large number of volunteers. There is always a need for more. The list of Sandwich Makers is 20+. There are usually approximately 12 on the job each Monday. The Sandwich Servers list is also 20+. There are always people on holiday or unavailable so we often need spares. The Sandwich makers works from 9am-11am (approx) and the Sandwich servers from 8:30am-11:30am (approx).

Sandwich Makers & Server Volunteers  (THANKS to the following!)

Mary-Ellen Bellefiore, Wink Biehl, Anne Bosch, Barry Botsford, Norma Buckland, Ed Byrd, Nancy Carroll, Mary-Jane Carroll, Betty Chan, Suzanne Cruickshank, Carol DePrairie, Paul Gilmore, Diane Jeffries, Beth Johnson, Diane Jones, Ann Kowalchuk, Mayreen Kwok, Sally Lambert, Mary Lewis, June Nixon, Margaret Morrison, Curt & Vaughn Pridmore, Kathy Rahyer, David Tatchell, Barbara Teasley, Jim Turpin, Jim & Irene Vanderwoerd, Mileen Worfolk, Susan Wagner,  Isabelle Woo.

Maunday Project volunteers:

Ann Kowalchuk, Barry Botsford, Bob Tipping, Diane Davies, Gillian Fodor, Ginger Shaw, Jeanette Schouls, Johann Mawan, Judy Mostardi, Kathryn and Eric Grant, Mary-Jane Carrol, Panos Pappas, Rayleen Nash, Rick Twining, Sheila Pepper, Suzi and David Smith, Vern Postman

Amanda Dalton, Elpeth Richmond, Ethyle Lamb, Heather Davies, Jim Nesbitt, Lorna Orr, Marianne and Bob Worcester, Mary Lewis, Paul Wiebe, Roberta Clark, Saara Bhanji, Stephanie Soulsby, Susan Scott Gabe

How to Get Involved

Anyone interested in joining any part of this outreach to the poorest & most vulnerable part of the congregation is most welcome & will receive an orientation prior to starting work.

We would also gratefully receive baked goods, such as cookies, which can be made at home. These can be left in the office at any time.

Cash donations are appreciate to help with the purchases of fresh vegetables for our soups.

Wednesday & Thursdays 9:00 to 11:00am – Making Soup, Setting Up for Lunch

Wednesdays & Thursdays 11:00 to 1:00pm – Serving Soup and Coffee, Interacting with Clients, Clean Up

The Maundy Project volunteers are a fun bunch of people to work with, and this is an excellent way to meet new people, live out Christian discipleship, and to put your improvisational cooking and serving skills to the test!

Interested?  Contact Louise Kenwood @ 604-708-5950 or fill out a Connection Card located in your Sunday bulletin.