27 Aug 2010, Posted by Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver

Kathy Irwin

Kathy Irwin, Finance and Donor Relations Administrator, Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver


Kathy Irwin


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Finance and Donor Relations Administrator


Money! Money!! Money!!! Think of  “The Count” on Sesame Street and you have a good picture of what goes here in the Finance Office.

The primary responsibility of my position is to provide timely and accurate financial information for this Parish and I do so with the support of a number of amazing volunteers.

My role encompasses payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial statements preparation. I am also responsible for the annual receipting of the Parish Offering and Individual Gifts that we receive here at Christ Church Cathedral.

My Involvement:

My position supports all of the ministries here at The Cathedral.

After hours, I am also actively involved in the worship and ministries at my home parish, Church of the Holy Trinity in White Rock.

Favourite Links:

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